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Rising Inflation and Your Portfolio

Rising Inflation and Your Portfolio October 14, 2021 Inflation is rising, leading to questions around portfolio positioning. Past bouts of inflation were not necessarily bad for stocks and bonds. Hedging inflation can be challenging. Diversification is still key to managing inflation. You have probably been hearing a lot about inflation recently and likely even experienced [...]

October 14th, 2021|

Another Chance to Refinance

September 15, 2021 Another Chance to Refinance By Clete Albitz, CFP® Mortgage refinance rates are back to historically low levels following the removal of the Adverse Market Refinance Fee on August 1st, 2021. This was 50-basis point fee (0.50%) lenders were required to pay the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) which regulates Fannie Mae, Freddie [...]

September 25th, 2021|

When Confronting a Difficult Loss

September 17, 2021 When Confronting a Difficult Loss By Sylvia Salguero, Financial Advisor If you have to deal with a difficult loss in your family, among your close friends, or if you are going through the personal tragedy of losing your spouse or life partner, keep reading. Unfortunately, many of us women of the baby boomer generation [...]

September 23rd, 2021|

The Future of Social Security

September 1, 2021 The Future of Social Security By Vance Albitz, CFP® This video recaps excerpts from a shared experience with one of our clients. Jim: "Let me also ask you then, do you have any thoughts about the likelihood of Social Security being there for the rest of our lives or our kids?" Vance: "It's [...]

September 20th, 2021|

529 Plan Distribution Options

September 15, 2021 529 Plan Distribution Options By Paul Miloe, CRPS® With several schools back in session and others starting soon, many parents are setting budgets for private tuition and college. Those who funded 529 plans have the accumulated funds as an available resource, but most aren’t totally clear on how they can be used. 529 [...]

September 20th, 2021|
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