The State of the Market


June 8, 2022 The State of the Market Phil Albitz, CFP® Well, here we go again. It’s been a while, but a bear market is upon us. Unfortunately, it is a bear market in most every asset class: stocks, bonds, gold, crypto; they are all in downtrends. Real estate is [...]

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The Hawkish Fed vs. The Market


January 25, 2022 The Hawkish Fed vs. The Market Phil Albitz, CFP® I don’t think anyone would argue with me if I said, “These last couple of years have been kinda weird.” In this short video I’m going to talk about the markets and explain the term “Hawkish Fed” as it [...]

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2022 Outlook: Summary


2022 Outlook: Summary December 22, 2021 Ever since the market bottomed in March 2020, the S&P 500 has more than doubled from its closing low and the economic recovery is now in full swing. Propelled by fiscal spending and the central banks’ dovish policies, economies around the world were boosted [...]

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Rising Inflation and Your Portfolio


Rising Inflation and Your Portfolio October 14, 2021 Inflation is rising, leading to questions around portfolio positioning. Past bouts of inflation were not necessarily bad for stocks and bonds. Hedging inflation can be challenging. Diversification is still key to managing inflation. You have probably been hearing a lot about inflation [...]

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Summer Volatility Heating Up


Summer Volatility Heating Up July 8, 2021 This summer and the second half of the year could be marked by more market volatility, as investors become less complacent about growing risks and momentum fades. Bond investors have been bidding up bond prices, sending 10-year Treasury yields lower, to under 1.3% [...]

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What About Speculation?


June 14, 2021 What About Speculation? Phil Albitz, CFP® Hi Everybody, It’s that time we send out our every other month email blog. We try our best to provide interesting and timely information. We get a lot of good feedback on this method of staying in touch with you. We appreciate [...]

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Phil Albitz on the Steven Spierer Show – 4/10/21


Phil Albitz on the Steven Spierer Show - 4/10/21 The views stated in this letter are not necessarily the opinion of Cetera Advisor Networks LLC and should not be construed directly or indirectly as an offer to buy or sell any securities mentioned herein. Due to volatility within [...]

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Thoughts Around the Infrastructure Proposal


Thoughts Around the Infrastructure Proposal April 9, 2021 Last week, President Biden announced a $2 trillion infrastructure and green energy proposal as part of the American Jobs Plan. This package includes new spending on transport infrastructure, manufacturing, R&D, housing and elderly care. This spending is anticipated to be spread over [...]

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The Inflation Genie


March 11, 2021 The Inflation Genie Phil Albitz, CFP® It’s March already; the days might crawl but the months and the years fly. At this time last year, the markets were in the midst of a swift and steady crash. The stock market dropped 35% in a matter of weeks. Now, a year [...]

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