John W. Perry

President, Rocker Industries


Favorite Quote:

“Treat your customers as you would your friend and you will have a customer for life!”

– Patrick Sullivan

What are your core values?

“Continuously improve; Deliver on my promises-results; Empower individuals.”

How do you define “value”?

“Bringing more than expected in personal and professional relationships.”

What separates you from others in your field?

“Taking customer service to the extreme! Taking pride when customers are shocked at how far we go above their expectations. An example of the long-term effects of good customer service: Twenty years ago, a customer of ours in Frankfurt, Germany needed one of our F-18 components faster than we could ship it. Within three hours I was on a flight with the component to personally deliver to our customer. The deed became somewhat legendary and is now mentioned by the “next generation” of managers at both our companies.”

When was the last time you were down and out and how did you overcome it?

“Down and outs became short lived when I realized the power of honest discussion. It was comforting to know my friends, personal or professional, have dealt with many of the same problems and issues.”

What advice would you give someone trying to provide value in their job, profession, or field?

“Find out what your Boss is trying to accomplish, think about the task, provide input and then no matter the direction…. work your tail off!”

What motivates you?

“Pleasing: Employees, Customers and Shareholders.”

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