Judy Bain

Principal, Consultant, Counselor


Favorite Quote:

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

– Mark Twain

What are your core values?

I value consistency and hard work in whatever task I commit to – whether it’s work or play.
I value kindness and respect for each individual, regardless of his/her background.
I value the ability to constantly learn and improve.

How do you define “value”?

“Value is the worth I assign to objects or services by considering their usefulness and their importance to me at the time I seek them. Value is the price I am glad to pay for an item or service that provides quality and peace of mind.”

What separates you from others in your field?

“I was one of very few women general counsel working in the computer electronics business who held onto her position for many years. I left law firm practice to join a Japanese company as its first in-house lawyer in 1986. (I retired in 2015.) My small team and I worked very hard to keep up with the many legal challenges of an international global technology company during a period of tremendous change. In my career, I saw the introduction of many entirely new product categories and really enjoyed helping bring those products and services to market. My team and I, with the support of management, were able to uphold the value of the company’s brand against global trademark and patent infringement through strategic legal enforcement programs, working aside our colleagues in many different countries. I was very fortunate to be able to succeed in those efforts and thereby share in the success of the company I supported.”

When was the last time you were down and out and how did you overcome it?

“I decided years ago that I would not dwell in negativity. Bad things happen and I have lived through at least my fair share. One of the most important things I learned in life is to acknowledge the bad, embrace the need to adapt, and move on quickly. I try to learn from experience and my mistakes. I am grateful for my good health, my family, my friends, and I love living in the South Bay.”

What advice would you give someone trying to provide value in their job, profession, or field?

“Be courteous to everyone and be interested in their lives. Never betray a confidence. Meet deadlines. Do excellent work that helps the client. Do not make excuses even when something unexpected occurs. Work smart. Smile.”

What motivates you?

“I am generally motivated by the satisfaction of doing a task well. I am also motivated to be the best parent, friend, and mentor that I can be by living my values and sharing them with my daughter, my friends, and my mentees.”

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