June 10, 2020

Meetings May Look Different, but Planning Remains the Same

By Sylvia Salguero, Financial Advisor

2020 has led to many changes in the workplace.  As a firm who operates on meetings, communication, and service, it is no surprise that the past few months have been unusual and unique for us and for everyone who works with us.  As a client of our firm, despite these changes, we want to remind you that our attention to your goals and objectives has not changed.  Let’s continue to work together to ensure your financial plan is up to dateappropriate for your current situation, and well taken care of. 

Here are some points of action to remember as we phase into the post-pandemic world:  

  1. Your financial goals should be reviewed throughout the year. 
  2. Any updates in your life, such as change of residence, marriage, birth of a child, change of employment, etc. should be added into your financial plan and communicated to us.
  3. We make it a priority to reach out to you, but always feel free to call, email, meet virtually, or meet with us in person. 
  4. Ensure portfolio allocations are suitable to your age, time horizon, and risk tolerance. 
  5. Stay up to date with taxes, estate planning, and insurance, other than strictly investments. We can help and advise in all these areas.  

As mentioned, we will continue to look for innovative ways to provide great customer service to you.  We’re beginning to reopen the office but are emphasizing the use of virtual meetings should clients prefer to do so. Over the next few months, as businesses reopen and people become more active outside, we are mindful to follow the rules put forth by state and local governments regarding operating our business and meeting with clients. 

Virtual Meetings 
Through the use of technology, we now have the capability to meet virtually with clients on computers, tablets, or over the phone.  We have experimented with multiple platforms and have determined “GoToMeeting” is the best program for a professional environment as well as security.  It requires internet access, a webcam, and microphone.  Please let us know if you would like to do a virtual meeting with us and we’ll provide further instructions.  

In-Person Meetings 
Though we plan on following the state and local government guidelines, in person meetings will be possible as well. As of now, the requirement for masks remains in effect, and we will meet in our conference room where an appropriate distance can be maintained.  

Let’s continue to stay in touch and work towards the goals we have set together.