3 Minute Video: A Few Things You Can Control

Phil Albitz, CFP®

Phil A Few Things You Can Control

It’s mid-December and we are so close to turning the page on 2020. But while turning the page might end a chapter, it doesn’t mean the conclusion to the story. There is still a lot of interesting stuff going on right now and it sure feels like we have another three- or four-months of 2020’s distorted vision. I don’t want to talk about that stuff. We are all already so overloaded with negativity and worry about things over which we have no control I’m pretty sure you don’t need to hear more of that from me. I’m going to talk about four things we can control and since this is only a three minute video, I’m going to do it briefly and get right to the point.

First: On the investment scene, which is one part of our business at Albitz/Miloe. What do you do now? As always, review your objectives. Have they changed? If so, adjust your plan. If your objectives haven’t changed then you maintain your plan irrespective of what your emotions are telling you. When it comes to investment, emotions cause you to sell when you should be buying and buying when you should be selling. Control that but of course, we all know that is easier said than done.

Second: To the point of emotions, no one can be sure what the future holds, so don’t listen to the loudest voice in the room thinking that they do. Theodore Roosevelt said it most poetically: “It is not in human wisdom to foretell.”

Third: Estate planning. You are in total control of this. Review and update all your beneficiary designations, talk to your family about what you want to happen when you’re gone, set up your trust or your will and get these documents drafted and signed. You want to be remembered for who you are not a mess that you left behind.

Fourth: There is one good part to this pandemic and it’s the only good part I can think of. If we haven’t learned not to take things and people for granted during this ridiculous year then we might as well just mail it in. Don’t you miss going to a restaurant for an indoor meal, don’t you miss getting together with friends, the handshakes and the hugs. I much more appreciate those who work at the grocery store now, who pick up the trash each week, who deliver the mail and the packages, who care for the sick. I appreciate the people that do the things we took for granted. I don’t think any of us do that again.

Lastly, in January of this year, I did a video on our blog, and I ended it saying, “Let’s all look to the future with anticipation, not trepidation.” We still should do that because there is much more good out there than bad. I also said “2020 will be a good year. Let’s all stay healthy and happy.” Well, 2020 hasn’t been what I expected it to be and probably not what you expected either. Hopefully though, you stayed healthy and happy.

So let’s bid a not so fond farewell to this past year of distorted vision and say good riddance. Let’s welcome in 2021 with socially distanced open arms. I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and may the future hold your greatest joys. Until next time, I’m Phil Albitz, thanks for watching.

Phil Albitz


Phil Albitz is a veteran Financial Advisor and chief investment portfolio manager for our managed accounts. Phil is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and has been registered in the securities business since 1982. His strength is in stock market analysis, portfolio design, and retirement income strategies. Phil works closely with clients to help them meet their goals and objectives in a personal and professional manner. He is an avid sports fan and spent many years coaching his two sons, Clete and Vance, in basketball and baseball. Currently, he is enjoying playing with and watching his grandchildren Cade, Cora, Cal and Henry, Kit, Roger as they grow and mature. Phil was born and raised in Southern California and resides with his wife, Velma, in Torrance.

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