Availability of Your 2023 Tax Documents

Albitz / Miloe & Associates , Inc


As a reminder, if your account was previously held at TD Ameritrade and converted to Schwab in 2023, you may be receiving two Form 1099s for your account. 

  • One from TD Ameritrade—for pre-conversion reportable activity (January 1st, 2023 – September 4th, 2023)
  • One from Schwab—for post-conversion reportable activity (September 5th, 2023 – December 31st, 2023)

Delivery of both forms will follow your paperless preferences for Form 1099s. If you are enrolled in paperless delivery, you will receive a notification when your tax forms are available on www.schwaballiance.com, or you will receive tax forms via mail if you have selected to receive paper statements. Please note that this website will contain tax forms from both TD Ameritrade and Schwab.  

Here is the schedule of tax form availability.  With each production run there is a chance of a corrected tax form.  As a result, it is generally advisable to wait until March to finalize your tax return. 

 Available Online ByMailing BeginsTax Software Export Available
TD AMERITRADE 2nd Production RunFebruary 2February 2February 2
SCHWAB 2nd Production RunFebruary 16February 16February 16
TD AMERITRADE 3rd Production RunFebruary 16February 16February 16
TD AMERITRADE 4th Production RunFebruary 29February 29February 29

If you have any addition questions about your tax forms, please contact us.